YESS! Our very own webshop is live!

We are oh so excited after the first days of packing and shipping orders! Thanks for all your lovely messages and support <3

ELVES + WOLVES brings our dream to create high quality accessories for men, women and kids which are good for the eye, heart and soul, to life. All ELVES + WOLVES products are handmade and found during our backpacking adventures. Our products are handmade, nature-based items, made by skilled workers who receive a fair price for their products. 

The idea of our first collection of bracelets is that they can be worn by individuals, but can also be worn as a high quality friendship or couple bracelet. Basically you can combine these bracelets with whomever you have a deep connection with, may it be your wife, husband, child, bestie, lover. You choose! 

We also have some products that are solely for women (and their children), such as the Buluh and Alang Alang bags. Our logo bag is unisex and men bags will follow soon ;-)

For our upcoming products we will come up with more high quality products which can be matched with the most important people in your life. Or just be fierce and wear it alone :)! We bring you musthaves with good looks and good vibes.  

For our first products, we work with 3 small, local suppliers in East-Bali and the North of Thailand. We enjoy being in touch with the real people behind the products, the picture shows one of the artisans working on our silver wear.

We are always on the lookout for products with an edge made with respect for nature and people and will soon expand our collection with more beauties. We will also keep you posted in blogs about products and brands which inspired us and will only highlight brands that either have an organic, handmade, recyclable, social sustainable or giving back philosophy.






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