Have you ordered your Buluh bag or Alang Alang bag already?

If so, you might have noticed a funky smoky smell, for the Dutch among us; a ''rookworst'' smell ;) Don't worry, we have not put the bags in our kitchens, this smell is part of the bag for the first couple of weeks due to the intensive natural process the product undergoes.

So how are our bags made?

The bags are handmade by families in a remote village in East-Bali from ata grass. 

The ata grass is cut and is laid out to dry for a bit before the artisan starts to weave the ata grass slowly by hand into the shape requested. Once the ata grass is woven, the bag is not finished yet. The bag is then put into an ''oven'' where it will be smoked mostly over coconut husks which gives the product a beautiful brownish natural colour and smoky smell! Due to this process every bag can slightly differ from colour. 

Once the bag comes out of the oven, a unique batik lining of the bag is sewn into the bag, so every bag is a bit of a surprise :) It will take the artisan between 1-2 weeks for each bag depending on the difficulty of the design of the bag, provided that the grass is already cut. 

Well there you have it: the secret behind our funky smoky bags. 



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